Printing and Framing

Photographic Prints

Prints are created on high quality photographic paper, such as Fuji Crystal Archive. Several paper styles are available, including glossy, luster, and matte. I typically recommend glossy paper for 8x10" prints, and luster paper for anything larger. However, this is just a personal preference.

Mat Board

When framing a print, I normally use Bainbridge 4-ply Alphamat. This is a 1/16 inch thick, acid free conservation quality mat board. My standard approach for a single mat is to use "Snowflake White" with a black core. This is a white mat with a slight texture. With the angled cut of the mat, the black core outlines the print with an elegant fine black line. Another popular option is to use two layers, with a white mat on top, and a black mat on the bottom. This provides a much wider, bolder, black border around the image.

An example of the "Snowflake White" mat, showing the black core

Untitled photo


My personal preference is to use wood frames, in a simple style, with a smooth black finish. A basic frame will include a foam board for mounting the print, plain glass, a hanging wire, a dust cover over the back, and bumper pads for the bottom corners. If you wish to upgrade the glazing from plain glass, other options are available such as UV-filter glass, anti-glare glass, and acrylic.

An example of the type of frame that I typically use.

Untitled photo

If black isn't your style, there are other choices available. Here is an example of another style that offers a variety of frame colors.

Untitled photo

Metal Prints

Metal prints provide a stunning way of displaying photos. Images are transferred to a rigid aluminum sheet that has either a white or clear base surface, giving them a boldness and depth of color that makes them stand out. Metal prints are typically displayed without matting or framing, and "float" on the wall with a mounting bracket on the back.

Wildlife and nature images typically look best when printed to aluminum that has a white base, so that white colors in the image look white on the print. Printing to a clear base allows the metal to show through where white colors would be in the image. Prints can have square corners, or 1/8" rounded corners.

A metal print with rounded corners, mounted to the wall with the standard mount block.

Untitled photo
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